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Welcome to 4 Shades of Scarlet

 Rebellion, Remorse, repentance, redemption/(restoration) - roadways that move us away from God and ultimately to him. You've come to the right page. It's going to change your life.  The 4 Shades of Scarlet blog is run by Beulah Kleinveldt and is for every woman who feels life has passed them by and left them begging by the side of the road - for purpose - some indication of who they are and what a tomorrow looks like .  What the future holds.  To the lonely widow/er or home-executive who feels they've come to the end of the road. To the minister or leader who has failed or struggling to rise after a fall.  To the individual without a friend. To the rejected and stigmatised. The divorced and lonely. To the adulterer and harlot - the outcast in danger of being stoned to death. I too experienced the eyes of mercy look into my soul and give me a second chance. Or perhaps you've suffered under the hand of abuse.  Maybe you're trying to find your way back from an adulter

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